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Need help with colors

I am planning to have coral, black and white as my colors, but I'm having difficulty deciding what colors to use where. The girls dresses are coral and I'm having coral flowers in my bouquet and mostly ivory and coral in the BM bouquets.  What should I do as far as table linens, napkins, favors, etc.. ?Thanks for the help!

Re: Need help with colors

  • I think black and white linens with coral centerpieces would look nice. You could add table runners in coral if you need more color, or use a black and white print like Damask to add some interest.
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  • Oooh, if it were me, I would go with black dresses and the coral/ivory bouquets.  I love black and white weddings where there's that pop of color (coral, red, fuscia, etc.).For linens, I would probably do black with coral napkins, coral/ivory centerpieces, etc.
  • I think the white linens with black table runner or black overlays would be wonderful. black napkins for runners or white napkins with the overlays, white chair covers w/ black chair ties would be great. I agree, use the coral flowers as the accents. I also like adding in the black damask for an additional accent. I think it would look great. Hope it helps. Good Luck.
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  • I like the pp's idea of the black dresses with coral flowers but I like coral dresses too.  With coral dresses I would wrap the bouquets in black ribbon to tie in the black in thier attire.  I think it would be nice to have the groom in a tux with a white vest and white tie and the GM in black tuxes with white shirts but black vests and ties with a coral flower matching the BM bouquets.For the reception start with what you know you'll be using.  For instance if your venue provides white linens free of charge and you don't have it budgeted for different linens start with the white.  I would keep the coral to the flowers on the tables too.  White tables with black overlays or runners will look nice with the coral flowers.  I think napkins should be black too.  For more coral you can bring it to the table with paper like table numbers or menus or placecards or even favors if you do boxes of something.Of course these are just suggestions - hope u like them :-)
  • my wedding was black and white with red roses and silver accents. my girls wore black dresses with white roses and i held red roses. my groomsmen wore black suits with silver vests. my linens where white and the napkins where black. my centerpieces were red roses and so were my favors.with black and white you can do anything, so just do a couple different things unil you find what you like.GL :)
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  • I love all the ideas! It's definitely easier to imagine now. Lindze - I love the idea of the groom's tux having the white vest. I have been trying to find a color I like that matches well with coral.Thanks so much for your help girls :)
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