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New Hampshire

When to buy your dress

Hey ladies,Just curious when you suggest to start dress shopping.  I'm getting married next Sept. but I'm totally broke from putting down deposits for the reception/ceremony site/photographer etc.  Unfort I'm not super motivated right now and i'm not sure why.  I dont' think I really want to shop during the christmas shopping season either.  Will I be too late if I wait until January to get started?Thanks!

Re: When to buy your dress

  • hbyrne31hbyrne31 member
    edited December 2011
    You technically need to buy your dress only six months out. If you are stressed out with all of the deposits right now, then give yourself some time and start shopping right after the holidays. You want to enjoy this experience. They do say it takes longer to customize a dress, but due to the economy they are coming in a lot quicker than expected. I bought my dress in March and I was told it would take a year because I added all bead work to the train. To my surprise it came in during July.
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    Just an FYI my dress took 8 months to come in so I started alterations almost right after it came in....
  • Starfish724Starfish724 member
    edited December 2011
    Also for thought- most places have told me that winter time is their busiest because brides are purchasing their summer wedding gowns. I'm 8 months out and still searching for a dress. It's rather stressful for me right now. I wish I hadn't waited for so long.
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    I would say to start the search at 10 months out and purchase 8 months out. Mine also took 8 months... and then alterations started right away. Most places want you to give yourself 8 months- 10 months (some take 2 months for alterations). You can find some pretty inexpensive dresses that are just as beautiful as the more expensive ones. You only need to put down half of the deposit... so start putting away a little at a time now. My dress was only $800 and so I needed $400 deposit. Also, is there anyone in your family that would help you out in the dress department. I hear a lot of girls on here saying that their parents paid for their dress as a gift to them... just another thought. HTH
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    I bought my dress about 20 minutes after I got engaged.  Before ANYTHING else.  However, it was a Craigslist purchase and I didn't have it altered till 8 weeks before the wedding (so I technically could have picked one up up then and have been fine).If you'd consider used, check out the Craigslist dresses even if you're not actively 'searching'GL!
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    I was a bad bride, couldn't make up my mind. Then I fell in love with my dress but found out it was a $3000 dress, ouch. I ended up finding my dress off a knock off site for $177 shipping included. I ordered on July 17th and the dress was delivered on the 22nd of July. (For a September 6 wedding)But typically everyone else that posted is correct anywhere from 6 to 10 months. You want to make sure that if you do have to do any alterations that you give yourself enough time for that. Good luck
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