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Hello! I am looking into wedding venues that can hold 450+ for a friend - can be in Georgia or either of the Carolinas. Any ideas? It seems like a seated reception for that many people is a bit tough... Any help is much appreciated! You can email me at jlstrelecchi at mac dot com if you'd rather. Thanks!!!

Re: Venues for 450+

  • ncohioncohio member
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    My venue could fit that many people. It is a large loft-style space in Atlanta. I believe it is about 10,000 square feet. The website gives the details.
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    Try the Fulton County Atrium. I got married there and it can fit that many guests.
  • JulesDianeJulesDiane member
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    The Georgia Aquarium :)

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    Opera in Midtown does events that big and bigger. Its probably one of the nicest club in town (according to me..ha!) but you can rent it out for events. It would be good if you are looking for a hip/trendy kind of venue.
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