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Nov Brides here we come!

I was inspired by Hannah's post below so I just wanted to give a shout out to all the November brides! There are a ton of us on here! I think we actually have more HI knotties getting married this month than in any other month! It's funny, I always thought I'd get married in June or something, but here I am in late November!Enjoy all the last minute madness and may all of us have gorgeous weddings!!

Re: Nov Brides here we come!

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    YAYYY!!! I am so excited. 24 more days!! And I leave for Hawaii in 18 days!! YIKES... that is the first time I figured out how long until we leave!! So exciting =)
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    So exciting for all you November brides who's time has come!!  Bobride I can not wait to see your pics since we have the same venue!! YAY for Sugarman!!  Hope you all have an amazing time on vacation and enjoy every minute of your fabulous weddings!!
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    Yay thanks.....so excited we leave in 2 weeks exactly!!! Kinda sick with a cold right now, so just praying it clears up!!! But here we come nov. brides woot woot!
  • AngelshannAngelshann member
    edited December 2011
    WHOO HOO November brides!! I seriously can't believe I am getting married in 9 days. I told myself for the past 10 years that I would never ever get married...well never say never. : ) I hope all my fellow Nov. knotties have the best day of their lives and really enjoy every minute of it!! I know I am!!
  • JanineRMJanineRM member
    edited December 2011
    Finally!!! I can't wait!
  • Samaralynn23Samaralynn23 member
    edited December 2011
    HERE WE COME!!!!! Wow only 24 more days and well 10 till guest start arriving. Where in the world did all that time go. We got engaged in Sept of last year and i thought this time would never get here fast enough and all of a sudden IT'S HERE :). To all you November Brides: CONGRATS and may it be the perfect day you have all thought about for so so long. ~Cheers~
  • maui2011maui2011 member
    edited December 2011
    A big SHOUT OUT to all you Nov. brides!!! Hope you all have a great, fabulous, wonderful, and awesome wedding day!!! Have fun ladies! J. :-)
  • elaineNgeneelaineNgene member
    edited December 2011
    Whoo-hoo November Brides!!!  Thanks for the shout out BoBride28!!!  I can't believe that the month is already here.  We leave on Tuesday, and I'm SO NOT READY!!!I can't wait for the chaos to be over, and for the fun begin!!!  Good luck everyone!  Knottie vibes for great weather and no drama for any of us on our big days.Thanks for all the support and inspiration.  As Hannah said, it was instrumental in all of the planning, venting and most importantly, surviving!!!
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