Negotiating on Limo prices

Did anyone try to negotiate the quotes for limos/transportation? We need to book a shuttle for our OOT guests in addition to a limo for our large bridal party (which we need for 5 hours due to a gap in our ceremony and reception), so I was thinking of asking the company if we could get some kind of discount for booking multiple services with them. We'll be using them for 11 hours total. What are your opinions on doing this? Did you do it, and how successful were you? Also, how much of a discount would you ask for? The total for both right now is $1420, and a 10% discount would be about $1275 which is more within what we were hoping for. Would you go lowering to see if they would counter with something still in the ballpark? I feel like I am bidding on a house all over again!

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    I would totally go for it, because frankly, the worst they can say to you is no, but they might surprise you and be willing to negotiate! You're talking less than a $200 discount, which (in my eyes anyway) is no big deal. I'm renting Escalades for the day for my wedding (I can not get in and out of limos gracefully to save my life, you should have seen prom.. disaster) but if I were in your shoes, I would def at least ask. Good luck!
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    agreed with pp. can't hurt! the worst they'll do is charge you the $1420, and you're back at square 1. i'd start with a 15% discount and see what they say. b/c even 15% off is only like $210!
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    Thanks ladies! I emailed him back to suggest $1220. Let's see where we go from there!
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    It doesnt hurt. I just looked around and went with the best price plus good feedback on the company as well.

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    This quote is from Michael's Limo. It's for a 12-14 passenger Lincol Navigator limo and a 24 passenger shuttle. Hope this helps!
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