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catering question

If my guestlist is 150 and it's a buffet style wedding for 150 people. Realistically, does anyone know if caterer's accomadate for more than the paid for number in the event of incidentals. If so, what is the additional number? Has anyone experienced this? I'm hoping sooooooo.....

Re: catering question

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    That's a question you should ask your caterer!

    Our caterer wanted a number - we served beef and chicken - but he DID provide a little extra of each.
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    I think they would provide a little extra. What if several people took huge helpings (if it is self-serve), or the servers got overly generous in the beginning and started to run out?
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    I've heard an extra 20% is the norm, but I'm not a caterer, so I can't say.  Ours is also buffet with 2 entree options, so our caterer told me their policy is to make enough of each option to feed everyone, since they can't anticipate who will take what.  Our charge is for 130 people + $3/person for the second option, which works out to us getting double the food for about 1/8th the price.  It would seem awfully wasteful if I didn't know everyone will probably eat every last scrap.  Our families are big eaters.
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    The only way to know for sure is to ask. If you're expecting more people though, I'd order more. I'd hate to run out!
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