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Vendor Review: Reception Sites

I will use this feed back to post under the "Vendor review" section of our website. Please post which reception site(s) you know of and any experiences you've had with them (your own wedding, wedding you went to, etc.). TIA!

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    Our reception will be at the Clubhouse on Balitmore in downtown Kansas City.  We are so excited for our reception.  We will be in the tudor room - an absolutely stunning space!!!  So far we have only booked with them and will not work with personal until closer to the date.
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    We have booked our reception at Parkway West in Shawnee, KS.  It is kind of hidden, but beautiful and very reasonable cost wise!! We are very excited about it!!
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    Again, we're using the Hawthorne House: Emerson Room.I also witnessed a Reception here and everything flowed wonderfully. The food is excellent, the staff was quick and professional. It was beautiful inside.Overall, they've been great to work with. They know what they're doing!!
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    We had our Oct. 24, 2009 wedding reception at Berg Event Space in downtown KC. It's a big lofty space, with brick walls, hardwood floors, and modern furniture. We originally started working with their coordinator Sandy, who was sometimes kind of snippy, but she left and was replaced by Melissa, who was great to work with. She answered tons of questions leading up to the wedding day, she worked with us to get everything how we wanted, and she was very helpful the day of the wedding (but not intrusive at all...I barely noticed her).At Berg you have to use one of their preferred caterers or else pay an additional fee. We used Cupini's catering, which everyone thought was excellent. You also have to use their alcohol, but you pay by the drink, not per person. The prices are reasonable - we paid about $2.50/beer $3/mixed drink $4.50/wine ... but of course it depends on if you want wells, signature drinks, etc. It can add up. However, our total bar bill was only half of what we expected!One other downside of Berg is that you cannot decorate until noon the day of the wedding, so we had to rely on friends to do all the decorating, and my husband and I were the last ones to even see what it looked like when we finally arrived that evening. They also have strict rules about getting out of there on time, security, etc. But as long as you read their policies ahead of time and understand that some things (like security and bartenders) will cost extra, nothing will come as a surprise to you.Overall we loved Berg Event Space. I'd give them an "B+" rating.
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