starting to panic...

I am newly engaged, the first in my group of friends, and planning a Sept wedding this year on a Super tight budget.  I don't even know where to begin and theknot is making me think I am crazy with their to-do list!
Looking for venues in Rangeley Maine, 70-80 guests, looking like a 5k total budget. I feel like this isn't doable after looking around but I really want to make it happen.
Any advice out there is welcome!!

Re: starting to panic...

  • You might want to start a new post, or rename this thread, specifying that you're looking for information about the Rangeley area.  That might get a few more people to respond that are familiar with the area.  I know absolutely nothing about that area!

    The first thing we did when starting the wedding planning process was to make a list of the things that were the most important to us, and things that were of medium importance, and the ones that we knew we didn't want to spend a lot of money on.  For example, photography was really important to us, and I knew who I wanted to use, so that was a splurge item for us.  Having super fancy invitations - not important - so I made them using kits from Michael's that cost me about $50ish in the end.  Flowers were also not important so we went a very simple route for the tables with a giant hydrangea blossom that cost about $80 total and I made the bouquets using artificial flowers that I was able to get during big sales at the local craft stores. 

    As for the online check-lists, they are great for learning the proper timing of things, like when invitations go out, but they're also intended to get you to spend more money.  I'm guessing the reason why the check-list is giving you so much now is because you're only allowing yourself 6 months to plan your wedding.  I had 9 months to plan and the list basically gave me everything on the 12+ months before, one year before, and 9 months before your wedding list since everyone starts planning at different times. 

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