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Where to get return address printed on color envelopes?

Hi everyone- I wanted to use a colored envelope to send out the invitations and avoid using a label for the return address. But, all the places I'm finding that print on envelopes only print on white. Can anyone suggest places that will print on colored, standard invitation sized envelopes? Thanks!

Re: Where to get return address printed on color envelopes?

  • I know there's a lady here in Tampa, but I'm sure you don't want to ship them.  Look in your area for digital calligraphy.
  • I was thinking of getting a return address stamp and just stamping my colored envelopes you guys think that would work?  we're doing navy envelopes w/ gold calligraphy on the front, and i figured i'd use gold ink w/ the stamp...?
  • You could also buy an embosser.
  • i bought a return stamp i used from an etsy seller for shower thank yous and now we are using it for wedding thank yous. stampoutonline was the seller. she does custom stuff. GL!

    You could also print out the return address on the envelopes at home. just get a test envelope to make sure it will feed on the printer due to the weight. Our wedding invites return was printed for free with our invites then we used caligraphy font to print the peoples addresses with.
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  • I was going to get a stamp to use, but Cards and Pockets now prints addresses.
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