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wedding coordinator recommendations!

Hi ladies!!! So I'm trying to work out having our reception for 180 at a friend's backyard on the beach in Kahala (O'ahu). My parents are freaked out that it will be too much of a hassle to do on my own and that it won't get done if I ask my friends to pitch in and help ( I think they are dependable, but who knows). Can anyone recommend a wedding coordinator... that will help me with this "getting vendors together" part? I don't know if I want a DOC or not. What do you girls think?

Re: wedding coordinator recommendations!

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    I didn't think that I wanted one either (I'm fairly anal and really organized).... BUT. we're having ours at Lanikuhonua which is bring everything in on your own, down to your last napkin and fork.SO. since we're having about 250 people (UGH! long story) I decided on a DOC. we're going with KathE. she's really awesome (as many have posted on this board). she's very helpful, and I know you're here in NY (like me) and she does everything via email for free before the wedding.so she's been contacting a bunch of my vendors for me :) it's very nice.i think if you have to bring a bunch of stuff on your own (rather than a hotel package) and it is a bigger wedding, a DOC may be good for your own sanity.if our wedding had been say 40 or so ppl, i think i could of done it on my own (but that's just my personality).as my friends put it (when the FI said we didn't need one) -- do you want to look like you're happy and WANT to marry the man standing at the end of aisle? :)plus, this leaves you free to just worry about getting yourself all prettied up on the big day :)
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    You should def get a DOC. 180 is a LOT of guests and you don't want to worry yourself or your guests about making sure everything is in place on the wedding day. It will be well worth the money for peace of mind and relaxation!
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    wow, i just realized i typed 'could of' in my post.SORRY. retarded friday.
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    thanks caiandcullen! i will definitely check out KathE - what a great service!
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    It's doable on your own, but yes, you would have to mobilize an army of friends and family to help you out!
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    i could not have done it without KathE and i only had 40 guests at my wedding. she was my right hand and my day was perfect because of her. i cannot say enough about her. i still keep in conact with her and i consider her my friend. i think that says a lot!!!
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    Try Dianna from Hawaii Weddings and Events.  FI and I contacted her to check out a couple of venues on Oahu.  She is sweet and will give you honest feedback.  It felt like we were talking to an auntie.  But we decided not to have a DOC since our wedding will be small (30-50 people) and I am pretty anal myself about planning.  FI also thinks that we can totally coordinate on our own.Anyways here's are website if you want to check it out.http://www.hawaiiweddingsandevents.com/Ally
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    We had our wedding at a private estate on the North Shore, couldn't have imagined doing this on my own.  Not only did our WC take care of floor plan and rentals, but she also knew so many ideas on how to save on costs and managed all the vendors of the day of.  Dianna at Hawaii Weddings and Eventswww.hawaiiweddingsandevents.com
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    Hi A.a.A.Although friends and family can be dependable, you do want them to enjoy the wedding and reception.  Having a DOC will not only help with the vendors, but help set up and breakdown, deal with last minute issues (and no matter how well you plan, there will be last minute issues ... i.e.  rain, keeping to a timeline). Dianna from Hawaii Wedding and Events was my DOC, HOWEVER, there was TONS of emailing before the wedding, vendor recommendations, rental changes, layouts, etc.The tiny details that you don't realize you need to know (i.e. location of outlets, number of items able to be plugged in prior to the plug overloading, watts needed in lighting so that things are not dark, how things can be hung, arranging the rentals, dealing with centerpieces (had an ill florist), etc))I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dianna.  You can definetely do it on your own (was the MOH at 2 weddings where I was playing DOC - didn't get to enjoy either wedding due to running around and troubleshooting) and on my wedding day, not having to deal with dozens of questions (despite details already being written out) was a HUGE relief.She also made sure the vendors knew where they needed to be, and kept them on time.And, beach weddings have their own new rules (i.e. are you on the actually on the beach vs the person's backyard and neighborhood noise ordinances).Wai (Dianna's assistant) has also been getting good reviews.  She was helping Dianna at my wedding ... couldn't have hoped for better.  If you will only splurge on 1 thing....tis is really important.  The other vendors will fall in place (and depending on vendor relationships, sometimes you can get deals - people seem to have vendor networks and on websites you can see discounts if you work with A,B,C).Hope this helps.
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