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Thanks for the congrats! Our day was awesome. It poured on Friday at the rehearsal but we had a PM wedding so we lucked out with the rain on Saturday. Yes, now we're anniversary twins- tomorrow makes 2 months! : )

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    Nice that you lucked out for your wedding, us not so much.  but our rehearsal was a week earlier and it was the most gorgeous day in the world then :)Did you guys save the top of your cake?  We decided to eat a bit on each month anniversary instead of waiting 1 year (ppl say it'll taste gross then) so we're defrosting some in the fridge right now!What was your fav part of your day?  Anything unexpected happen?
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    Its so hard to pick a favorite part but I loooved our ceremony. Still makes me all emotional thinking about it!But the reception was soo much fun- our guests literally danced from the second the music was playing- they were dancing to the dinner music hahaUnexpected- there was a huge battle over the bouquet toss and it was soo funny. It surprised me bc I wasn't even going to do it bc I thought people hated that and no one would go out there but when I looked back there were TONS of ladies. It was so fun!We didnt save the top layer of our cake. We had so much left over so we gave huge peieces to our parents and bridal party and took some home. We had some the next day and then ate the rest after the honeymoon.I wish we had some left to have today bc it was so good. Oh well...What was your favorite part? It looks like your day was beautiful despite the rain.Anything unexpected for you? 
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    Hmm, most unexpected was how petrified I was when we were lifted up on chairs during Hava Nagila.  I really wanted to do it but never expected to be absolutely freaked out.  The guys that held the chair legs all went up and down at different times (or so it felt to me) and I was so afraid they'd drop me... but it was sooo much fun :)Favorite part was probably the ceremony also.  We were both all teary eyed and it was just so nice and sweet.  I was actually kind of nervous right beforehand which I didn't expect to be.
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