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Help-we need some color

My daughter plans to use birch twigs in vases for the reception tables, pine cones and we are using different length birch logs with votive candles for a January wedding. This is ok, but any ideas how to bring in her colors-navy for the bridesmaid's dresses, gray for the groomsmen and some red accents?  I'm afraid the tables are going to look very dull without some color.  My daughter does not want a lot of flowers as she is trying to save money.

Re: Help-we need some color

  • You could do the votives in navy, and maybe add some berries to the arrangements for a pop of red.  Honestly, though, that's a pretty understated color scheme, so having a ton of color on the tables would clash a bit.
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  • Use navy blue table runners, or navy cloth napkins.
  • I agree with pp, coloured linens will offer the biggest impact for the least extra cost (assuming she'd already be paying for white linens). The site below are pretty
  • Red berries or a few red blooms of some kind in with the branches, or on the tables somehow. Or colored linens or wide ribbons as runners. I'd stick with the red and navy, as gray can be kind of blah. Unless you go with a silvery accent for a little sparkle.
  • I agree you could use navy runners and napkins. You could also add white glitter glue (from local craft store) on the very tips of the the pine cones. If done right it could look like snow on the top of them. Add in small red berries for more of an accent. I would still use clear votives w/ white candles. If not done carefully, it could look red/white/ blue. (4th of July) Use more navy, white w/ small accents in red. It looks more like winter. Add a little silver to add some contrast as well. You could also spray the birch logs and twigs lightly w/ spray silver glitter. It will enhanse them especially in the candlelight. You could always add a silver or navy ribbon around the vases for another accent. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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  • How about something like this? [IMG] [/IMG]
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