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10-18-09 vendor reviews

Hey everyone!I'm back from the hm and so happy to done with the wedding. I'll post fs items and pics soon, but for now here are my vendor reviews.Ceremony/reception/hotel: Hilton Milwaukee River (just south of Bayshore Mall)- A+++ We LOVED the Hilton. Karen was so great to work with and so accomodating.  Chef Jerry created a menu from scratch based on exactly what we wanted, even using one of my mother's recipes. It was delicous. They did everything we wanted out of the norm and made it run like clockwork. It couldn't have been better. The honeymoon suite was also so nice to get dressed in for photos before the ceremony. Guests got a discount on rooms in the block and said it was reasonable.Cake: Sweet Perfections in Waukesha- A+ The cake was delicous and moist. We had three different flavors, enough to feed 124 and it cost us $366 (we did book during a free delivery / 10% off promotion). They were very easy to work with.Limo: Majestic Limo in Germantown- B.  This would be better, but we ended up finding out last minute that they had sold the BMW limo we had booked to take us to O'Hare after the reception. To me it wasn't a big deal, but FI was upset.  It was also a little weird because they didn't tell us until I called the week before to confirm the reservation and spelled out the details of the contract, including the types of vehicles.  Other than that, the driver was punctual and very nice.Makeup: Julie On Location- A++  I loved Julie. I actually ended up calling her the week before the wedding, and she moved stuff around to make it work for me.  I didn't have time for a trial but she still made me look great. Even in the non pro pics I think I look pretty good. I can't think that anyone could be better.  She even touched up my aunt unscheduled, even after my sister/moh was a huge pain in the rear about her makeup (I was in the chair twice, my sis 5 times, and she was later getting dressed than me!!!)Hair: Stephanie at Neroli Bayshore- A. She did a great job. My hair stayed nice the entire evening, even with a last minute adition of head jewelry.Nails: Ly Ly Nails at Bayshore- A. Gel nails cost $40.Photographer: Chris Cote with Edward Fox- A so far. Obviously we haven't seen the pro pics yet, but Chris was really easy going and easy to work with. I was nervous about this, because we actually never met the guy until the morning of the wedding, and I only spoke to him a few days in advance, but I think it worked out.  He actually found us on facebook and posted a couple pics, which was cool. I was more comfortable with him than with any of the three photogs we had sittings with before the wedding.Other photography:Burns Photography- F-.  Don't use him for any reason. He's ther most boring photog I've ever known. How do you make Summerfest boring?!?!  His pics were terrible.In Focus- B.  We used them becaquse Burns was sdo bad we wanted new pics.  In Focus is nice and our e-pics were good, but it just wasn't a good personality match.Carroll Photography- D.  They totally gouged us. We used them for a family portrait for a parent gift. They're a bit boring and way too expensive. I didn't see one pic that wasn't posed in the whole place.Rehearsal Dinner: Sake Tumi- C-. FI would give them an F.  They called a few days before the dinner when we were super busy and said they lost our menu. Then when we got there they gave us the wrong room. We signed a contract, and we were VERY specific about which room we wanted and why (my family would be offended by the big bar that was in the room we were seated in). Then everyone had to wait around for half an hour while they cleared out the room we actually wanted. We got there to find out that the side room that was supposed to be used for our buffet was being used by another party, so the buffet was crammed into our seating area.  Everyone was smushed and quite uncomfortable. The food was good, but cost over $1000 for 30 people, which might habe been fine if the service was better.Tuxes: Mens Warehouse- B.  Everyone looked fine day of but I guess there wass some confusing the week before getting the right items and sizes to the guys. FI was in something different, so I didn't care.Invites: Clark Graphics on Oakland- A; cardsandpockets.com- B. Clark was great and super quick. The invites looked stunning, though a bit pricey. cardsandpockets was good as well, but they ended up sending me an envelope that was a bit bigger than the sample, which I didn't care for, but it was fine.Honeymoon: Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya Mexico- A+ It couldn't have been better.Wow, and that was a small, simple wedding! Sorry it was so long and hope it helps. Good luck!!!

Re: 10-18-09 vendor reviews

  • BackpackersBackpackers member
    edited December 2011
    Congratulations!!! Thanks for the info. I'm glad everything was beautiful and I hope your pics turn out great!
  • sweetsue98sweetsue98 member
    edited December 2011
    Congrats on the marriage!  Can't wait to see the pictures!
  • mg321mg321 member
    edited December 2011
    Yay! Glad to hear you loved the Hilton Milwaukee River, because I'm having my reception there on 3-13-10! We're really excited and have really good impressions of it so far, but it's always nice to hear good reviews of someone who's gone before :). Thanks!
  • edited December 2011
    Congratulations! It was fun hearing your stories and ideas throughout the wedding planning process! Glad it all went smoothly!
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