July flowers...

We're getting married 4th of July weekend, doing red as our color with blue accents.I have no clue what flowers are in season. Any suggestions for flowers and centerpiece ideas with those colors?

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Re: July flowers...

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    My first thought is red roses with blue statice as an accent. The statice is slightly purplish, but will still give the impression of blue. And I'm biased towards red roses, because I'm having all roses, white and red, for my flowers. I think they should be available in July, and statice is quite inexpensive.
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    Red Dahlias are beautiful. There are a lot of different varieties so make sure you let your florist know which one you like if you go with Dahlias. They are def. a summer flower.Not sure about the blue, but I'm sure there are some nice choices out there.
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    My wedding is also in July and we are doing red roses and red gerber daisies, which are super cheap. We are going to have a florist do all the flowers, but we are doing the centerpieces ourselves. Costco has cheap flowers and they are good quality. Good luck!
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    I second the gerberas! Our colors were white, silver and blue and I didn't like ANY of the blue flowers so we ended up doing lilies and gerberas both in white for our July wedding

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