Hi MegnDev, I was wondering who you used for your wedding photography? It is absolutely breath taking. Thanks in advance.

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    I can answer that actually, she used the same person I did, Tess Johnson. Check out her website: I can't speak for Meg, but I would recommend her 100%. She was so much fun to work with and her pictures are INCREDIBLE. I'm hoping to put some of my wedding photos in my bio here sometime soon, they are just so amazing! My engagement photos in my bio are by her. :)
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    Thank you. Her work on the webpage looks very nice. Starting at $2800, I'll have to try to save else where on the budget assuming she still has my date. I would love to book someone with that style of photography. I can't wait to see your wedding pics btw. :)
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    Send Tess an email to ask her prices if she were to photograph alone.  I know she's bumped up her package prices recently, but it's worth asking her about.Another option, although she books extremely quickly, is Clare Norton - www.snapshotsbyclare.comShe's got that same basic style of photography, and pays close attention to the details we all work so hard on.  She's much more budget friendly (but keep in mind, her prices are for one photographer, while Tess' quote you mentioned is for 2 phenomenal photographers).
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    Hey!! I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you quicker, but I'm glad the ladies on the board were able to help you out!! Yes, my wedding photographer was Tess Johnson, and I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend her. She is an amazing photographer, and wonderful to work with. She captured everything perfectly, and I am sooooo in love with all of my pictures.
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