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Michigan-Grand Rapids


I was curious if anyone has went to Becker Bridal in Fowler Mi, if so is it worth the drive?


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    I got my dress from Becker's a couple months ago and I would recommend them to anyone.  the service is great and the selection is the best i've seen.  they also have a separate store for bridesmaids and moms across the street.
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    I went... The selection was great!   It was nice to be in a seperate store than bridesmaids and moms.  The only thing i didnt like was the assistance i recieved, the girl i had didnt seem very knowlegable.  When i asked some questions about the dresses or if they had something else similier her answer was "I dont know"  but there were plenty of other assistants who did know about other dresses.  Cost wise... be careful, they have expensive dresses mixed in with non expensive dresses so watch what you are pulling to make sure you stay within your budget.  I found my dress there but didnt buy it from them because i found it in GR for a much better price!Hope that helps!
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    I got my dress and my bridesmaids dresses at Beckers.  One of the things I liked about them is that they have tons of dresses in all sizes.  I am definitely not a size 6 and some of the smaller bridal shops seem to only have dresses in smaller sizes to try on.  Another good thing about Becker's is that they give discounts for quite a few things.  I paid in full so I got like I believe it was 15% off and so did my bridesmaids.  If our moms got their dresses there they also got a discount since I got my dress there too.  They didn't have to buy their dresses the same day to get the discount.  I live a little over an hour from there but I only went up there maybe 4 times so it wasn't bad at all. 
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    I think so, I ordered my dress from there in August and I had a great experience. They had tons of dresses in my size to try on so I appreciated that.
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    Thanks for everyones suggestions and comments...I think I'll make the trip!!
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