Dillon Beach Restaurant?

We are eloping to California. We are staying at Churchill Manor in Napa and driving to Dillon Beach to get married. I was looking for a restaurant to eat at after our sunset ceremony. I can't seem to find any restaurants near Dillon Beach. Should we drive back and eat in Napa? I'd like somewhere romantic preferably with outdoor seating with good food that's $50-100 per person. Suggestions?

Re: Dillon Beach Restaurant?

  • Since I see you haven't had any responses, I will offer one possibility (unless you have already eloped!).  About 4.5 miles from Dillon Beach is Nick's Cove in Tomales Bay.  It isn't upscale, but if you like seafood, then this is the classic and charming spot for you.  The location is gorgeous with world class views of the water.  It is a typical West Marin venue, and the food is very good.  About two years ago they did some extensive remodeling, mostly of the charming cottages.  It would be a very cool place to spend a wedding night.
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