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Printing on cardstock, please help

For those of you who designed your invitations and got them printed at Staples, or Kinko's, or Minuteman Press -- were these places able to print on cardstock? Can 105 lb paper go through a laser printer?

Re: Printing on cardstock, please help

  • tdmd09tdmd09 member
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    I can't imagine that they wouldn't be able to print on 105# at a place like that. The only things I had printed at a pro place (Office Depot) were my menus (on their cardstock, not sure what weight it was, but it was substantial) and my placecards that came in a kit that wouldn't go through my printer. They had no problem at all.I'm sure you could call the place you're looking into and ask, but I'm sure they print on heavy cardstock all the time. Good luck!
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    OK, thanks. : )
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    105# cardstock is not an issue. Size, and type of cardstock are BIG issues. For example, FedEx Office (and I would imagine Staples and the like, but can only speak from experience with FedEx Offie/Kinko's) cannot print small sizes (I would argue, no less than a half sheet of paper). They cannot print to bleed unless you print on a larger sheet of paper and have it cut down to the bleed. Do NOT cut your cardstock ahead of time if it will need to be cut - go talk to the production operates and work with them to determine what the best process will be. And they use laser printers - so glossy paper will not retain the gloss. Also, if you are planning to print in color, they cannot run vellum as the machine gets too hot and warps the vellum.
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    I think I better just get a sheet of the paper I want to use and take it to Kinko's to test it out on a color laser printer. I want to use the metallic opalescent looking paper and although the package says it works with inkjet and laser printers, it really doesn't work with inkjet printers at all so the laser compatibility needs to be tested out too.
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