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When to have bridal shower?

My wedding is April 21st, 2012. My MOH is wondering when I want to have my bridal shower, and she is throwing it. When do you usually do these things?
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Re: When to have bridal shower?

  • Bridal showers are usually held 6-8 weeks before the wedding. My wedding is June 22 and my shower has been planned for May 5 which is about 7 weeks before my wedding.
  • While the standard time is when purple responded, if you are having out of town guests it helps to talk to them about dates, etc. that work well for them (and also make sure they have advanced notice to plan their travel).  My mom and two MOHs all live in different places (DC, NE, NC) and they had to come up with a date that worked for them and me and the type of shower they wanted to do, so my shower ended up being 6 months before my wedding.  Obviously pretty far out but it's what worked for the planners and the venue and everyone had a great time.
  • I am not very sure about the time at which wedding shower is to be held. You can consult elders or the married women for the same.

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