MOB and MOG dresses

I'm not 80, and I'm not 20 and I want my son to be proud of his mom on his wedding day. I was terrified that finding a dress that was stylish, modern and fit my budget would be a nightmare. Until I walked into Melba's Boutique. I had planned to visit all the local shops and spend the day trying to narrow down the selection, etc. Instead, I bought the first dress I tried on! If you are in the Austin area and looking for mother's dresses, this is a great place. Melba's has recently moved and is now specializing in dresses for mothers. I chose a couple I thought I'd like, and Joyce (the assistant) brought one she thought would work.  Guess who was dead on...I tried on the one Joyce brought first because I truly didn't think I would like it...and it was perfect! It was a style and color I NEVER would have tried on my own. These ladies know their stuff and they actually listened to what I wanted and then chose the exact right dress - and it was less than I had planned to spend. I highly recommend Melba's to all prospective mothers.

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