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So me and my fiance have decided to surprise our family by getting married this Thanksgiving instead of in Mexico next summer (which is the current plan). The only problem is we just moved here a couple months ago from Dallas and we don't know the area that well. So, does anyone go to, or know of, a church that would be willing to marry us on short notice? It will only be our parents and my sister, so I'd prefer a smaller church or a chapel. The denomination doesn't really matter, as long as it's Christian. Although I'm pretty sure a Catholic church wouldn't work as they typically only marry Catholics. We actually live in Charlottesville, but anything within a one or two hour drive would be alright. I know this sounds a bit crazy...but any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    Bon Air Christian Church-its beautiful and small, classic white chapel built in the late 1800's, and only $350 for the ceremony charge (more if you want their minister to perform your ceremony, but they'll let you bring any Christian ordained minister in) I booked on fairly short notice (2-3 mos) and they were available. Google Bon Air Christian Church Richmond and it should pop up.
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