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So my fiance and I are in discussions at the moment on the use of musicians or pre-recorded music at our ceremony.  We are both pretty contemporary and the majority of our music would follow in suite.  Only one or two songs would be more traditional wedding march tunes.  Would it be worth it to pay for musicians for one or two songs or is too much lost in mood by not having live musicians.  Our church provides an AV tech to run music through the house system.  Any good/bad experiences or thoughts would be a great help in this matter.

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    first i would run the music through your church - sometimes churches dont allow more contemporary music and i have heard of people waiting until the last minute to run the music selections by their church and they won't allow their contemporary songs to be played. that said - if the music you want to play would suit an organist or something simple, i would do that. otherwise, if it is more complex (ie: cold play) i would just go with the pre-recorded stuff. the music really will tell you what you should do - not vice versa. you don't want anything to feel forced. HTH!
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    We used a musician for our ceremony and it was very worth it.  Let me know if you are interested in hiring them and I'll give you the info.  They are super reasonable which sounds like that's what you would want if it's only a few songs.  For the record it's a man and woman team (they are married) and it's $100 for each of them to play, if you want to use both.  They are amazing. 
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