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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Anyone else sick of over-empowered wedding vendors??? (total vent)

Yes-I know the following does not apply to all vendors...

It makes me so pissed as I read through the posts about how these vendors don't uphold their obligations.  I had so many major screw-ups from my vendors and they each basically threw their hands up and said whatever.  I'm talking about... venue didn't serve 1 course to the groom's mom's table, lopsided wrong color cake, half full flowers, DJ who obviously didn't care about my song requests, videographer who didn't video big chunks of the dancing, etc.  I did everything you should do...got details in a contract, reviewed and confirmed prior, etc.  I paid a good amount for my vendors and they were not on the lower end of the scale by any means for our area so "you get what you pay for def. doesn't apply".

My point is that it is really a shame that so many wedding vendors triple the price of services because the word "wedding" is involved and then don't uphold the agreements.  It seems that several just nod and say "ahuh" to applease the bride and do whatever they want regardless.  Unless it is a huge screw-up, they know you won't sue.  I can't imagine getting anything monetary for my vendors' mistakes.

Sorry guys but it makes me sick...talk about unfair on your big day!

Re: Anyone else sick of over-empowered wedding vendors??? (total vent)

  • Reviews, reviews, reviews. They actually work. I was emailed from wedding wire about a negative review that i submitted about a vendor. After a small delay my review was finally posted. Word of mouth works!
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