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Bill Levkoff Euro Lilac, Violet, and Sangria

I am having a hard time deciding between the two, can anyone post pics of them in satin and/or chiffon?  When I had my BM's trying on dresses they didn't have dresses in either color.  I'm just trying to see what would look best with the flowers I've chosen.
Thank you!  

Re: Bill Levkoff Euro Lilac, Violet, and Sangria

  • Most pictures will not show the same color you will see in person. Is there a bridal salon near you? Most will have sample fabrics in all the colors. You might be able to get them to cut off a piece and give it to you.
  • The two bridal salons that I've gone to do not have them in anything but that small swatch and I've noticed that the swatches tend to be very different than the actual dresses.  I'm visiting another salon so I hope to have slightly better luck there!
  • I know what you mean! I want a purple but most stores only have bill levkoff samples in the plum it seems. I want to see the sangria and violet and others on real bridesmaids. It's so hard to look at the colors on the website and its also hard to see the little swatches. They always look different. If anybody has pictures of their girls from their weddings in bill levkoff please post!
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  • I found a sample dress at a bridal salon in Victorian Lilac and I'm going with that, I'm doing a mix and match thing with my bridesmaids so I think the lilac will look great in both satin and chiffon.  The sangria wasnt very purple.  I honestly wish they had the Eggplant in chifon, this would have made everything much easier!

  • I did Victorian Lilac in chiffon and I loved it! 
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