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Ive already booked my photographer but Im wondering if I got a good deal, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision & I paid more than I expected. So Im just wondering what are you spending on your photographer(or want to spend) and what kind of package are you getting(or wanting to get)? Thanks!

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    Photography was one area I felt fine with splurging on (within reason!). We paid about $3600 for about 8 hours of coverage, retouching, and a DVD with al the images. I'm making the albums on my own to save money (plus it's fun).

    To me, it was most important to have photographs I really loved, even if it didn't include extras like engagement session, prints, albums, etc.
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    I chose to look off Cape for a photographer, as I found that the photographers on Cape were much over-priced compared to those coming from off Cape. I ended up going with a childhood friend and got an excellent price of only $1,200.00 including unlimited photography day of the event, a DVD with all of the pictures, a 40 page Album B&G choice, 4-8x10s, 4-5x7s, and 100 wallets. I found many photographers to be around 1,500.00 for the same package. Worth a shot, not sure if you are comfortable using a photographer who may not necessarily be familiar with the area. 
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    I totally splurged on my photographer! It's costing 4200. We get 8hrs of coverage, with two photographers, Hi-Res DVD with all the images, 30page album, engagement session(entire day) I know it's a lot of money, but the way I figured it, it's the only thing that will last our entire lives other than our vows. The food gets eaten, the decorations taken down, dress put away, etc. You will never get these moments back, so I wanted to make sure that they were captured...the right way. Our photographer came highly recommended and her work is esquisite!
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    My photographer's packages range from $1800-3600. We haven't decided completely. The $1800 is basic 8 hour covereage with Photographer & 1 Helper, DVD of PROOFS (not digital copies), online Album. I can't remember what else... Met with her Sat & getting package sent to me this week.
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    most cape photographers run 3200 to 5000 ... and we have a lot of good ones... I think you get what you pay for most of the time so shop carefully and really look at a lot of their work...
    Also how long they take to get your photos edited and back to you really does matter.  
    My photos were by Diane Marshall out of falmouth..Just loved her low key and unobtrusive style... the fact that we got our slide show to us within a week after was HUGE!!!!  I sent it to my friends that couldn't come and the out of towners as a thanks for coming... It was a really nice plus. 
    the whole thing on a disc is great too...

    good luck and hope this helps a little!
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    We booked Kristen Dawn Photography (she's based on the Cape) for 5 hours for about $1500 (got the 2010 rates for booking early). The package included an engagement session (so fun and loved our pics), two photographers, unlimited pictures, and a DVD with all rights to the photos. Hope that helps!
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    wow... good deal. got to keep an eye out for her!  
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    We chose to go off the cape as well for our photographer. We ended up going with Amber Shomo with Forever Candid Photography in Salem, MA. We're paying $1500 for 5 hours of coverage, 2 photographers, an engagement session, and a CD of all images. We didn't really want albums or anything... they're way too expensive. The most important thing for me was to have rights to all photos so we can order them elsewhere and do our own albums.

    We looked into Kristen Dawn, but found that Amber was more experienced and her photos were better quality. 

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    @ FutureMrsJGreen - I am sure you will be thrilled with your photographs, Kristen has amazing talent and wonderful reviews! Bonus that she is from the Cape and knows the area! Great deal!
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    We also decided to go off cape for our photographer, especially since he travels for free.  We used Berryphotos( and are paid $3K for inlimited coverage, all of our images on CD (with the copyright), on-line hosting,an engagement session (with all of those pics on CD), and a 40 pg 8x12 album from Italy.  Hope you got as good of a deal! :)

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    We went off Cape with our photographer Heather Parker because we liked her work better than what we saw with the cape photographers. It was honestly less about price and more about the level of creativity within the pictures. That was most important to us.

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    I've looked at quite a few photographers, alot of the cheaper ones aren't that great and i'm not willing to spend an absorbenent amount - glad i'm starting early. About how far out in advance do you all recommend booking a photographer?
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    I've been looking for a reasonable photographer as well for a wedding on wedding is in September but because it is the Monday of labor day weekend, most are available - the ones I've found that are the most reasonable but also quality from what I can tell: - Amanda Considine
    Tim Correira -
    Bob Gothard - former Vogue photog -

    Most of the above are in the 1500-2500 k range...which includes DVDwith rights and 6 hours photography - some include albums, and some include 2 photogs for that price which is a great deal!
    Good luck!
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    I went off cape with The Classic Image. Our package is 3,000. We get Deb the owner and one helper for unlimited time for the day, one hour engagement session(includes 3 printed pics from session), 40 page album, 2 parent albums, all rights to photos and also a DVD of all wedding day pictures. Deb is awesome, great personality, great pricing, and amazing picture quality.
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    I recommend booking as early as possible. The first photographer I really, really wanted (Agnieszka Wormus - was already booked for our date. I contacted her in February and our wedding isn't until June of 2012! I was shocked! So I moved quickly to find a new one.

    We are using Erica Ferrone (who was recommended to us by Agnieszka, also off-cape. She has different packages in different price ranges. We are paying $3900.00 which includes full day coverage in addition to our choice of an album. The thing I liked best about Erica is there is no set number of hours. She will stay until the last dance of the reception if we want her to.

    Good luck in your search!
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