Rented Elegance- anyone used?

Hello, I had a great meeting with Rented Elegance yesterday for flowers, vases and draping. Now I am anxiously awaiting their quote as I don't know what to expect! I figure they may be on the higher end, but I wanted to get a quote from them so I can compare to others. Anyone ever work with them? Do they do good work? Do they have reasonalbe prices? I am also meeting with Brittany Flowers today in Kirkland- I've seen their work, it's great and affordable. If you've had a different experience please let me know! Jody- I called Aria style and they had to call me back as they may too busy on our wedding day. Well, it's been 3 days, so I guess they don't want my business. I just wish they would have called. Boo. Thanks for your input!

Re: Rented Elegance- anyone used?

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    I think Picksthemusic used Brittany for her wedding which I think was either this last weekend or the one before?
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    i did but i used them as a third party vendor through my florist..... kinda pricey...for my archway alone was 330...
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    I used Rented Elegance and was very happy with them.  I thought their prices were reasonable for what you get, but I understand overall, they are a pricier vendor.  My florist, Carin Diaz, has worked with them quite often and warned me that they tend to take on too much business, meaning details can fall through.  Therefore, I just made sure I was adamant with them on timing because Carin would not be able to do the arrangements without Rented Elegance's items being at the venue.  It all turned out great.  I posted my reviews today with a link of pics, if you'd like to see.  Oh, we rented from them crystal stands, pipe and drape, fabric puddling, votives, cake stand, hurrican vases, and two cocktail tables.  :-)
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