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South Carolina-Charleston


How did your e-pics go yesterday? It was a beautiful day, where did you decide to have them done?

Re: *shanjeff*

  • shannjeffshannjeff member
    edited December 2011
    we had them done downtown..it was such nice weather. i was wearing a knee length dress so i worried about cold but no worries : ) except for showing up 30 min late(well hair and makeup dont start earlier than 10 am i found out) she was pissed i could tell at first but my fiancee is a charmer so she was happy as soon as we took pics...i really had a hard time finding someone to do all that stuff early in the morning...did you have that problem? i never show up late to stuff but what could i do?
  • edited December 2011
    Downtown pics are great. I kind of wished we had done ours downtown instead of the beach but was very happy with them when they were done.I didn't have anything special done hair/makeup wise for epics and our wedding was in the evening so I didn't need early times for that stuff. I guess that could be a problem for some people though. I hope you like them, we really loved working with Liz and were very happy with all our pics (epics & wedding)
  • shannjeffshannjeff member
    edited December 2011
    well they turned out really well so i'm now really excited for the big event..i'm going to work something out so the lateness doesnt happen again.she was really easy to work with though once she started taking pics.
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