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Unique desi-friendly reception sites in NJ/NY

Hey all,I just got engaged in September and have finally got around to visiting wedding venues.  I really like offbeat places like Garden Falls in Monroe Township, NJ or places that offer something more like a garden, a historic mansion, or a great view of the NY skyline.  (Basically I'm against the typical crystal chandelier hotel party). Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look?  So far, most places penalize you for having Indian caterers.

Re: Unique desi-friendly reception sites in NJ/NY

  • gryffindorgryffindor member
    edited December 2011
    The Westin in Jersey City will give you a great view of the NY skyline and they have a package with Moghul.  But it is ultimately hotel so they may have a crystal chandelier inside.I've been to a wedding with desi catering at Bridgewaters in Manhattan.  I have no idea if they charge more for the Indian caterer, but you do get a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the main hall and outside from the balconies during cocktail hour.I know desis who got married at Garden Falls but I personally haven't been to a wedding there.  Do they allow Indian caterers?
  • Meghana55Meghana55 member
    edited December 2011
    Grounds for Sculpture, the Newark Museum, Liberty House, Liberty Science Center, Olde Mill Inn, Bridgewater Manor, Birchwood Manor, Chart House, the Bethwood, Tides, Florentine GardensI wouldn't recommend Skyland Manor (or any of affiliated venues)- the caterers are those guys from that Masters of Reception show and they have many other locations around NJ.  I've heard they're pretty horrible to deal with.There are some beautiful hotels in JC like the Westin and the Hyatt.  The Hyatt has beautiful views of the skyline.  What's your budget?  Unfortunately if you're budget is tight, many of these places might not work.  Hotels are much more accommodating to Indian caterers.  Typically they will take their usual per person price and cut that by about 40% so that you're only paying for the use of the facility, wait staff, linens, etc.  Then you would be required to pay for catering on top.When we looked at non-hotel venues, many would not reduce their per person price - plus IF they allowed outside catering, you would have to pay for that on top.  For example, Liberty House already comes with a pretty hefty price tag (I think upwards of $150 p/p), plus you would have to add the cost of indian catering.  Other venues will not even let you bring in an outside caterer, because they are specifically catering facilities.  And others only work with certain caterers.  Some only use Moghul, some only use Chand Palace.  So if you have someone other than these two in mind, you might not be able to utilize them.  For the record, we used Chand and they were fantastic.  Sorry this was so long - Hope that helps.  let me know if you have any other questions!
  • dmankikardmankikar member
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    edited December 2011
    Thank you so much everyone! Those are great suggestions! So far I've looked at Bethwood Manor ($105pp), Liberty House ($160pp), and Hyatt Regency Jersey City ($170pp). Of those Bethwood is the least expensive, but also the least interesting place since it's on Rt 46 across from the Willowbrook Mall :( I also liked Ocean Place, but it was way out of our price range at about $220/pp. I think the reality is that we may have to cut down on numbers a bit so we don't spend our whole budget just on renting the place, and can have really great food and music - which is what we both wanted to focus on in the beginning. Now for negotiating with the parents... yikes :)
  • edited December 2011
    All the ones I was going to suggest have already been covered!  I loved Garden Falls & Grounds for Sculpture, and pics from the Liberty House look amazing.I was also against the hotel-type party but had to realize my vision on a pretty small budget, so all the above options were out for me.  Good luck!
  • vasantharaovasantharao member
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    it sounds like we are all in the same boat--I too am trying to plan a wedding someplace other than the usual hotel.  Can Grounds for Sculpture accomodate a large party?  Are you all including the ceremony or planning to get married in a temple first?
  • edited December 2011
    Hello Vasantharao - and congratulations on your engagement!  This post is almost a year old, and a lot of the posters haven't been posting in a while...

    Grounds for Sculpture has their accomodations posted on their website, but I'll repost them here for easy viewing --- can really only hold 150 people with a dance floor and have another room available for cocktails...

    Facility Amenities for the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts:
    • Admission fee included in the event price
    • Full access to park the day of your event
    • Free parking
    • Wireless internet
    • Spacious coatroom and bathrooms
    • 5 minutes from Hamilton train station
    • 10 minutes from Trenton train station
    • Additional equipment available

    Main Event Space: Dimension 31'x106’:
    Capacity Meeting 180 people
    Plated/Buffet with Dance Floor 150
    Plated/Buffet without Dance Floor 220
    Cocktail Style 400
    Lecture 280

    West Lounge: Dimension: 31'x41'
    Meeting 40
    Plated/Buffet 40
    Cocktail Style 150
    Lecture 30

    Gallery A Dimension: 23'x20'  (maybe not)
    Capacity Meeting 18
    Cocktail Style 20
    Lecture 30

    Gallery B Dimension: 18'x38' (maybe not)
    Capacity Meeting 30
    Cocktail Style 45
    Lecture 50

    Link to website: http://www.groundsforsculpture.org/rentals.html

    Hope that helps!!

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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