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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Send off!! I need help/ideas!

I am clueless on what to do for our send off.  We are not able to throw anything such as rice or confetti at the church we are having the ceremony.  I know we could do bubbles but I want something different and it goes with nothing else in our wedding theme (county/rustic wedding theme.)  I would love to do sparklers but it will be the middle of the day so it will not be dark enough.  Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Send off!! I need help/ideas!

  • People can just applaud. Or you can do something like ribbon wands.
  • Ribbon Wands - they look awesome in all the pics I've seen...would be an easy thing to make on your own too, or better yet with the help of your WP...good luck!
  • We are making our own ribbon wands that have our colors as the streamers and then a tag with our names and the date on it.  We also talked about putting a bell on the end for an effect.  Just a little fun for the guests without making a mess.
  • you could always save your send off for after the reception and then do the sparklers or I wanted to do floating lanterns but the resort in Mexico won't allow it :(
  • How about seeds? They normally don't allow the rice bc it's harmful to thebirds but seeds give the same effect and it's more of a country theme.
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