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Music for outdoor garden wedding

Hello all, I need some suggestions for music during my ceremony. My wedding is 5/30/2010, at noon, in Bergen County, and I was thinking of a string quartet or trio. I am hoping some of you may have some recommendation, or referrals for some one I could call to hire musicans for 1 hour. Thanks in advance...all ideas are welcome!

Re: Music for outdoor garden wedding

  • i think a sting quartet or trio would be beautiful.  Not really in my budget, so i hired a guitarist to sing/play as i walk down the aisle to the song of my choice (wedding song, bob dylan).  for after the ceremony when we walk down the aisle as a couple, the dj will be playing ELO, mr. sunshine.  great song to get people to really cheer and feel like the party and celebrating should begin.  good luck!
  • You'll get better recs if you post this on your local board.  FWIW I think a trio or quartet would be beautiful!  We had a guitarist and it was nice to have live music, even though it was just one person.
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  • Won't be able to help with referal but wanted to share that we are having a flutist/harpist combo and they sound absolutely amazing together :)
  • You may want to post this on your local board to receive any referrals. We are getting a harpist, and I'm so excited! I've never seen this done at a wedding before, and it will be a big surprise for our guests.
  • We're having a garden wedding as well and are having a sring quartet.  I've read reviews about both quartets and trios and in my opinion, the quartet will provide a fuller, more complete sound.  Whoever you work with, they should be able to send you a demo CD to listen to or oftentimes, they playother gigs around the area that you could stop by and see them play live.
  • Thanks to EVERYONE for your thoughts and suggestions!!! 
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