Save the Date Magnets

Hi Ladies! We are creating our save the dates and putting them on magnets for our guests. I'm wondering how you are sending them out if you are doing them as well. I feel kind of weird just throwing a magnet in an envelope. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: Save the Date Magnets

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    I bought those little clear photocorners.  We used two photocorners per magnet (on corners diagonal from one another) and mounted them on a piece of paper with a little quote.  I think there is a pic in my bio.  The black part is the magnet, purple background was paper.
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    We are getting scrapbooking paper (or any thick paper)from the craft store and cutting it down to the size of the envelope then cutting slits where the corners of the magnets will go or using double sided tape to keep them on the paper then putting it into the envelope to keep it from slipping around and to look a little more professional!
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    We are sending ours out in our Christmas cards.
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