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Nevada-Las Vegas

Need Help! Pre-Party and After-Party...

I really need some help from you Vegas veterans...

My wedding is on Saturday March 10th at the JW Marriott Resort in Summerlin...
We have Friday night covered because of the reheasal dinner (all out of town guests are invited)

But we have a lot of close friends flying out from all over the country and most of them will be in on Thursday night. We wanted to do sort of a joint bachelor/bachelorette outing with everyone so we could all be together. It will probably be around 20 people. We were thinking about a strip club but the $30 cover kind of turns me off...

We also will need somewhere to go on Saturday night after the wedding since the festivities will be ending at 8pm (did that on purpose so everyone could enjoy Vegas afterwards).

Could you help me out with some suggestions? I don't want to have to pay for VIP or bottle service and I have heard that is what you have to do with groups that large if you go to a club...is there any bars, lounges, strip clubs, anywhere really! that you guys have been too that was a lot of fun and accommodated a crowd???

I appreciate any help!!!

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Re: Need Help! Pre-Party and After-Party...

  • BA11BA11 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm getting married across the street at Angel Park Golf Club and will be staying at the Marriott. We are also looking for something to do after the wedding. I know there is a piano bar at the Marriott. Have you checked that out? Also, Red Rock Casino isn't too far and I think there might be some cool bars to  hang out there. I guess it depends on what you want. I think we want something a little more laid back but our wedding ends at 11.
  • jmtheiler1010jmtheiler1010 member
    edited December 2011
    we got married on 11 11 11  and once our reception ended at 7, the older people kind of went off to a show, or dinner, or gambling, then our friends and everyone else who was game - took some limos downtown to the Golden Nugget and we took over the Shark Tank Bar - awesome photo ops, great crowd, great service, they have great benches along with fire pits, I think some of my dastardly grooms men even snuck in their own alcohol (shady I know)--nobody every treated us like "oh you should have called first" with our large - over 30 people sized group - some of us trickled outside to catch the Fremont Street Light Show, some of us gambled, everyone made it back to the Strip safe & sound. The golden nugget afterparty was definitely a highlight of our destination weekend.
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