I'm in need of reviews for Omni in Tucson

Hello, I am trying to find our venue and it's not going so well. My fiance and I like Omni Tucson National but I was wondering if anyone has been married there or even been to a wedding there? I really haven't heard much about them?

Re: I'm in need of reviews for Omni in Tucson

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    I recently toured this site and from my understanding they are going to be doing renovations within the year. Also - I have stayed at this hotel - and was not a fan. Poor customer service :(
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    I have not heard any real reviews for that place, but what kind of a site are you looking for? Some of the girls on here have great sites and I am sure they would love to help if they know what info you are looking for.
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    Based on the review above, if there's innovations that would suck if it influences your wedding location. If you like the country club style, check out Tucson Country Club. See bio for pics, I had my wedding there last year and loved it. Good luck!
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