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POLL: Extra money, what do you do with it?

So it's a rainy day here in NYC and a Friday, and the 13th day of the month, which means, I really don't feel like working and just had a thought... Let's say you are about a month away from your wedding. Everything that is most important - venue, food, drinks, cake, flowers, attire, transport, photo/video etc, are already paid for and suddenly, out of nowhere you get some $5,000. Awesome, but wait, there is a string attached - you must spend it on something that is wedding related (and not a honeymoon), or you lose it. What would you splurge on? I think I would do teeth whitening, or some general cosmetic dentistry. Not that my teeth right now are not presentable, but being a European I have always been jealous of the really white and straight teeth people have in the US.... So, how about you?

Re: POLL: Extra money, what do you do with it?

  • I would have upgraded the food on our menu and gotten larger BM bouquets.
  • gifts for my bridal party. I'm making them jewelry, but I wish I had the funds to do something more.
  • I'd reimburse the wedding party for their dresses/tuxes, get them better gifts, upgrade our reception big time, get something ridiculous, like a champagne fountain, and maybe get some kick-ass favors (like a bottle of champagne).
  • Pay for all my OOT family's travel expenses.  And upgrade the food if there was anything leftover.
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  • I would have upgraded our decor. That was our lowest priority budget item.
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  • Probably really nice gifts for the wedding party and parents, upgraded food, and if there was any left over, a pair of really nice shoes.
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  • I would have upgraded the bar (offered top shelf mixed drinks and premium wine and beer), paid for OOT guests and BP travel/hotel, gave better gifts, and maybe invite a few more people.
  • I would buy better wedding rings
  • Pay for hotels for OOT guests or rent a house for them. Then get a better ring.
  • Ungraded linens, we used what they had and then bought some cheap table runners. I would have loved to have fancy chocolate and gold tablecloths, with overlays, and napkins. But in the budget I thought this was one of the more useless things I cold do without.
  • Pay everyone's travel and attire expenses Take all the ladies to a spa Upgrade food and drinks Buy flowers. Tons of em. If there's any left over, I'd get us into better honeymoon lodging.
  • Ha, upgrading stuff that is already paid for is a good idea, I did not think about this... For my teeth whitening - a wedding related purpose is of course to come out well in pictures... I know I should stop being insecure with my teeth, but if I had extra money, I would spend on that anyways... A lot of my family lives still in Poland and $5K would only serve some 6-7 tickets to get them here, not counting the visas, which would prolly cause fight in the family over who gets the free ticket and who doesn't get to come because they cannot afford it.
  • upgrade photography package or consider someone to videotape the wedding
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  • I'd definitely get favors, nice limo, nicer shuttle bus. Maybe pay for hotel rooms for our parents. Basically, the stuff that's gotten cut out because it's not really necessary to spend money we don't have on it.We also might not even book the honeymoon until after the wedding (we're going to Paris in May 2011) so it would be easy to spend it on that.
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  • Help our overseas relatives to travel to our wedding.  I'm hoping my cousin who's in kenya can come but that's a very expensive trip!
  • I would have gotten a videographer. I would love to have a video of our wedding, but it seemed like an unncessary expense (since we'd probably only watch it a handful of times). I would have done more decor for the reception and probably also used a florist for our flowers (instead of going DIY) if I had all that extra money. Not sure what else really. We already had really great food and drinks, our DJ was amazing, and everything was beautiful. Maybe we would have gotten better BM and family gifts and had the rehearsal dinner somewhere other than our house.  
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  • I'd reimburse the WP for their attire/shoes/etc.  I'd upgrade my photog package so it covered the reception, too.  I'd rent a limo, get my hair professionally dyed, and get FI a new pair of glasses.  Um, maybe get flowers for the ceremony location.
  • Upgrade photography package, add champagne to the bar package, and maybe get a videographer.
  • I would have thrown an afterparty. And maybe taken my girls to the spa.

  • I'd be paying for the wedding party's travel expenses so they can have a mostly free vacation.  If we already had that covered, probably more decor or better food if I thought that people would still eat it (most of our wedding party are farmers, not big on exotic or fancy food).
  • Professional teeth whitening for both me and FI ... I'm not sure how pricey it is, but I might have also invested in the Invisoline for my own teeth. And electrolysis. I would definitely get my eyebrows shaped and my underarms done.

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  • I would have paid for hotel rooms for our family that traveled and the wedding party. Considering $5,000 is more than half our wedding budget, I'm not sure what more I could spend it on. There's nothing I would change about our day.
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  • I would probably get a pro photographer (even though I'm very happy with our pictures) or invite all of the people I couldn't invite. Yes it would be 1 month before, no they wouldn't have cared. I also would have paid for my ladies dresses and M's plane tickets.
  • Do breast implants count??  I'd do that!
  • sure they count, but would you be able to walk down the aisle just a month after the boob job?
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