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Bridal Shower..How to handle?

Hi Everyone, Ok, so on my dad's side of the family, it's tradition for all of the cousins and aunts to have a bridal shower "Currie Girl Lunch" for the bride. That is fine with me. But, here's the catch. On my mom's side of the family, it's very small. She has her sister-in-law and my cousin and then 3 female cousins we are inviting. My step-father only has my step-sister (in the wedding) and her aunt and cousin and dad's cousin. On the FI side, we have 10 women. My one aunt wants it strictly Currie Girls, but to have like 3 bridal showers I find kind of ridiculous. How should I try and talk her into breaking tradition and allowing at least an all family bridal shower? Possibly with my bridesmaids too! Thanks!

Re: Bridal Shower..How to handle?

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    Is your aunt hosting this shower?  If she is, and she wants it to just be that side of the family, then you're stuck.  YOu can either go with it, or say thanks but no thanks, and skip it.If someone else is offering a separate shower, you could invite everyone else.  If the aunt is the only one offering to host, then that's the only one you get.
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    Both of my aunts. One is more "it has to be this way or the highway" whereas the other is the go with the flow type of person. I guess I feel like it would be funny to have one shower all just one side of the family, but then have a friends shower (which I'm not against) and having the rest of the family, minus my dad's side. Just feels lopsided.
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    More than 1 bridal shower is ok... as long as no guests are invited to more than 1 (and as long as you aren't hosting your own)! I am having 2. One hosted for 1 side of the family and 1 for the other (one is in another state, too). HTH
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