To big of a wedding party?

I have a lot of people in my wedding party. 7 bridesmaids, possibly 6 groomsmen 2 sets of jr bridemaids and jr groomsmen, 2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer. Our church is rather large. Some people are telling me that the wedding party is to big, and I feel it is just right. Would is look bad since we dont have the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen to have the groomsmen stand up with the groom and have the bridesmaids walk down the isle with the bride. Also, would it be inproper to have the jr groomsmen and jr bridesmaids along with the flower girls and ring bearer to sit in the front pews so it isn't as crowded at the alter? I want to make this work and need some thoughts on how to do it.Thank you for your help.

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    It is something I am going to have to thinka bout thank you for the advice. There is 1 that I don't know if it is best for her to be in the wedding. She introduced my fiance and I and so I feel obligated to have her in the wedding is this bad? How do you tell her that you'd rather her do something else than be a bridesmaid?
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    How big is your guest list?  The general rule (although not really followed) is one BM/GM per 50 guests.  I would maybe have the junior bridesmaids and groomsmen and the flower girls and ring bearer walk in groups instead of in a line so the procession isn’t too long.   Usually the younger members don’t stand up front as that’s a long time for them to stand so I’d have them sit with their parents.    It is perfectly fine to have uneven numbers.  The wedding party is about who is important to you and not filling a quota.  Having the bridesmaids walk down the aisle and the groomsmen up front is fine.  Or, 1 groomsmen could walk with 2 bridesmaids.  (We had the best man up front so one GM in our wedding walked with 2 BMs and it worked great.)   It depends if you already asked her or not.  If you already asked her to be a BM, then you risk ruining your relationship by demoting her.  Honestly, I would just ask her to be a guest and not to work at your wedding (which is what personal attendants, guestbook attendants, etc have to do.)  It was nice of her to introduce you two but that doesn’t mean she needs to be in the wedding.  I doubt she is expecting to be a bridesmaid because of that fact only.
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    I don't think your wedding party is big at all. I think it depends on what you think because it is your wedding! I have eight bridesmaids/groomsmen, i'm leaning towards three flower girls and two ringbears. But I want a big wedding and I think that is perfect for me! When I went to talk to my florist she said she has done wedding in omaha with 10 bridesmaids, and some with 3 so it basically depends on what you want. Personally I didn't want juniors bridesmaids but if I had them i'm pretty sure I have close to 6 of them!
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    Don't worry about how many are in your wedding party!! It is your wedding. You should be able to have as many people in the wedding party as you want. You don't want to look back and wish you would have done something different.
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    I was at a wedding last year where there was an uneven amount of bm's and gm's. They had 2 bm walk with 1 gm, one girl on each of his arms. And yes, walking the jr's all in a gourp is a good idea. As for if there's too many in the wedding party, that's up to you. If you feel all these women are your close friends and you want them in your wedding then that's that. Probelm solved. I'm a firm believe if it's your wedding you can do the planning as you please. :)

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    Trust are fine! I had 7 on each side but one guy stood on my side and 2 girls stood on my husband's side. We had 2 flower girsl and 2 ring bearers. We had them sit with their parents after they walked down the aisle. It was the best decision we made because they were much happier to not have to stand for so long and it also took stress off of their parents worrying about them being behaved during the ceremony, and all of the kids are wonderful kids! The truth is...whatever you decide is right for you...who cares what others think. In the end it is your day and the people you want to have up front are the people who should be there!
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