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Question..DJ & in general

Hey ladies! Didn't the board used to go back and show posts from like a year ago? I hate repeating questions, and I always have them, so I used to search at the bottom and find them. Now there's only 4 pages...what's the deal?? Ok, so my real question. I know I've read a lot about DJs, and DJs from Complete Music being flaky, getting changed last minute. I've also read a lot of comments about Mark from Bandstand being an all-time favorite. Is this correct? I'm going to need a DJ for approximately 6-7 hours...during a cocktail hour, and also throughout the dance. Can anyone give me any other advice? I know that Mark is available for our wedding date. I'm fairly tempted to just book him and be done with it. Unless someone has other brilliant suggestions? I'd appreciate anything you girls have to say!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Re: Question..DJ & in general

  • HuskerfanzHuskerfanz member
    edited December 2011
    The boards get pages saved based on how active they are.  As this board isn't very active, we keep losing pages. We used Mark for our wedding and loved him!  We booked him Jan 08 for May 09 just to be done with it because I had heard such great things from other knotties.  It was so nice knowing I had a good vendor and didn't have to worry about it anymore.
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    That's all I needed to hear. Thanks so much!!! :o)
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    Our wedding is June of next year and we already booked with Bandstand...but not with Mark, we have Dave. We too are using them for Cocktail hour and through our reception! Good luck with whoever you choose :)
  • RokkanenRokkanen member
    edited December 2011
    I also booked Mark with little to no questions asked.  I was impressed by the company which let you choose songs online to add to a definatly play list, a maybe play list, and a DO NOT play list.  It was convienent to have and they were reasonably priced.
  • ayoung22ayoung22 member
    edited December 2011
    Definitely book him!  He was one of our favorite vendors!
  • rotellarotella member
    edited December 2011
    I heard great reviews about mark from bandstand on the knot, and a friend of mine who used him for their may wedding. They loved his personality and how nice he was. I booked with bandstand a year in advance to make sure I reserved him for my aug 14 wedding date. :)

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    Thank you guys so much!!
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