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Mad about anything? Anyone want to vent?

First, I'm super annoyed with the knot. I want posts to go back in order of last post and I want to read everyone's post when they post. I'm also pissed at directv. When we moved, we canceled service and changed our address. Well, H also gets the bill automatically taken from our account. Stupid directv changed our billing address but not the shipping address. Now we will be getting $500 taken out of our account in a few days because we never got the boxes to send back the DVR boxes. Even though it was thei mistake the lady said there was nothing they could do. She said we will be refunded in 30 days. Eff that. I'm pissed.
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Re: Mad about anything? Anyone want to vent?

  • Oh my goodness :/ Directv tried to pull that with my parents because the Fedex guy couldn't find our house and never dropped off the boxes. We later found out that he was literally getting to the intersection on our street, then turning around....that's what sucks about living in the middle of nowhere. I really hope it's a speedy refund for you, although I feel like they have no right to take your money in the first place if it is their mistake.

    Rant: I really wish that FI would get my messages body language and obvious things such trying to be all sexy and stuff for him and him doing nothing more than glancing at me and then getting back to his computer. :/ My self-esteem can't do with any more hits like that. Also, I really wish people in my biology lab class would answer emails....especially when they are about a presentation that is due TOMORROW. It's like "Helloooooo, it's not smart to procrastinate!!! Especially when this grade is weighted so heavily!!" I just wish I didn't have to work in groups and that FI would pay attention right now. :/

    End of my rant.
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    Ugh that sucks Hike! Customer service at most places is such crap now a days...

    My vent is, my Corp. office tried to pass the buck on me for a mistake THEY made, and I found out about it. I ain't having it, and now they're mad at me for not bending over backwards to cover their asses. Nope, sorry. You fuckked up, not me. Thankyoubyeeee.

    My boss is 100% behind me on this one, too. Which is great. I am just mad that they think they're the experts at what I do here, and clearly, they missed out on a 5 year mistake that took me all of 30 minutes to figure out. WAY TO GO, "PROS".

    I will not let myself get chewed out by an adoptive parent over something that happened before I even worked here. Yell

    ETA: OH!!! And, it just started pouring outside, and I am wearing Chucks. I'm gonna have wet feets.

  • I am definitely still annoyed with the knot.

    And the federal government for delaying my refund.

    And, some other things that I don't want to put on here. 
  • I am annoyed that it never seems to really get dry here. It's rained an inordinate amount since we moved, and we've had some sunny days, but the ground never gets dry. So I've had a really muddy entryway by the door for a month, and every time I clean it it just gets muddy again from having to take the dog out. And there's really no grass around our building, just lots of weeds and clover, so when it rains it's awful.

    I am also annoyed with my mom, because she just won't let things go so that we can move forward planning the wedding. I called the church, I set a date, I'm looking at reception venues and hope to send in deposits this week. I don't want to go 20 more rounds on how certain things would be easier if we did it in her hometown. FI and I and her and my dad and grandmother have discussed this. We could go back and forth between the two cities all day long. We've already gone seriously back and forth for a month, and it's not going to get easier the longer we wait. They both have good points and bad, but it's time to make a decision and stick to it. I don't want to call my aunt (who I love) and take up her time talking about the wedding and how we could do this or that.  I don't want "could's" at this point. I'm ready to make decisions. Let's do this thing. We need to start ordering STD's (if she wants to do them, I don't care), we need to get a website together and letting people know. 
  • Know what scares me? Rick santorum.
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  • I'm annoyed that I can't stop coughing.  I sound like a 70 year old man who's smoked 3 packs a day since he was 13. So that's cool. NOT.

    Also, I'm annoyed that we have a staff meeting every week.  That we had to change our staff meeting to Tuesday nights because when it's in the middle of the day, it only takes an hour, but when we have then after we close, it usually takes 2-3 hours.. and I don't have that kind of time.Yell
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    I'm annoyed that my transcripts for my master's courses didn't make my officer package.  They said, when I called last week, that if I requested my transcripts online to be delivered electronically they would be there next day.  Just in time to go in my package.  (I had been waiting for last session's grades to post before I sent them.)  My package got sent to the officer that hand delivers them to Parris Island last Thursday.  Guess I'm out of luck on my Master's courses because I just got an e-mail today that my transcripts would be available to my OSO "soon"...whatever "soon" means because I was told they were available LAST FREAKING WEEK.  I want my $32 for overnight service back!!!  A-holes!!!!

    ETA: Scratch that...I'm furious.  I want to drive to Colorado and start knife-handing people.
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  • Sammy- id be pissed!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Mad about anything? Anyone want to vent?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Know what scares me? Rick santorum.
    Posted by LetsHikeToday[/QUOTE]

    <div>Terrifies me. To the very bottom of my soul.</div>
  • I'm annoyed because my garbage disposal got smoky and smelly and died. I'm not annoyed that it died as much as I nw have to clean the wedding junk up in my apartment so I can call maintenance not be embarressed by the state of my apartment. ....instructions: step over the box of vases, and try not to step on the flowers and don't trip over the unopened gifts......

    can I just say how freakin' excited I am that I found some cruises that leave out of JAX the week we were planning on going ln our late honeymoon. Just gotta scrape some money together
  • Dude Sammy that effing sucks. I'd be furious too, and calling and complaining left and right. 
  • In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:13Discussion:51012e32-c4a0-4a3f-a2fd-1c6709c84db4Post:4c1b0fde-4482-421f-8b18-21b3e66208b5">Re: Mad about anything? Anyone want to vent?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Dude Sammy that effing sucks. I'd be furious too, and calling and complaining left and right. 
    Posted by ggirl2001[/QUOTE]

    The first time I called they didn't tell me they were transferring me and just said "hold on"...okay, for what?  Then all the sudden I get a random voicemail that doesn't even tell me who they transferred me to.  The 2-4 times I called I got transferred to more people who weren't in their offices.  I think they're hoping I'll give up.  I'll be back on the phone as soon as they're open again tomorrow.  I plan on being relentless.
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  • I'm annoyed with Rick Santorum, too.  More specifically people who believe the absolute junk that pours out of his mouth.  More specifically people who believe the junk that he spews and refuse to listen to actual facts and reasoning, prefering to close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears, and go "lalalalala I can't hear you" to anyone who tries to explain logically why he's an absolute and undeniable moron.

    I'm annoyed with my father for this stupid email he sent me that supposedly came from Bill Cosby (I sent him the Snopes report on how it's fake - you can read a version of the email HERE). I wrote him back an email literally debunking every. single. point in his email, and he wrote back to tell me that he hadn't meant to send me that, he knows I disagree with him politically so he didn't plan to send me it, and that he 'agrees with the sentiment, even if the facts aren't totally correct'.  I asked him which sentiment - the classist, racist, or moronic parts?



  • Sammy, you don't need them. You're going to kick butt on that board! I'm mad at the Place where my medical records ought to be. I'm sad that I'm not going to make the boards and thus OCC with Sammy. And I'm sad that helicopters crash.
    I hate Dave Ramsey
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