Lack of motivation

OMG you guys, here I am at 82 days to go.....and I have no motivation to do anything. Wedding planning has been put on hold so I can find a job. No job = no wedding $ and it's stressing me out so much. I have put on weight and I am going to put my dress on today. It's not going to fit. SO there is ANOTHER stress.

I don't have flowers. FI dad and his wife were supposed to take care of that and now they are avoiding us. I seriously have NO budget for this. My parents aren't helping with anything, and my mom is mad at me because we have *ahem...* different ideas....on decor. i.e she thinks I should laminate photos of us and use them as placemats, and I um....don't.

I don't have anything for centerpieces because I am seriously drawing a blank. We are going for the concert themed reception, like heavy metal, not records and stuff. I *DO* have favors taken care. We have customer guitar picks and lanyards that are backstage pass look alikes and they double as a sleeve for the photobooth pictures.

Pick: (FI designed them)


I should probably go fishing for ideas in Offbeat Brides, but you guys are my homies so I thought I would try here first. <3

Re: Lack of motivation

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    ok first off breathe.  realize its ok be stressed a lil.  try on your dress you never know till you do. :)

    centerpieces dont have to be expensive or flowers  they can be lil candles on mirrors i believe you can get both at $ tree. 

    flowers for bouquets and such you can get at farmers market, sams club, costco and grocery stores. 

    realize the economy sucks at moment and you are doing all you can do..  looking for a job is a job.  ( not a paying one)

    i would also say look at pinterest for more ideas

    HTH :)
  • Hi, In case you have not chosen a wedding photographer yet, I work with a great wedding photographer who is really affordable.  You get two photographers for $750.00.  Check out our work at  If interested, email us through the site.  Good luck with everything!  
    Take good care,
  • I got married 2 weeks ago, we stayed in a tight budget, let me know in a private message what all you need and I'll let you know what I suggest. I had a great wedding and would love to help others have one too. 
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