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I know everyone has been posting checks a lot lately. I have never done this and haven't elaborated on much of my wedding or other things on here. So here I go.  

My mother grandmother and i are making mugs for everyone in the wedding party and their spouses. out of ceramics. we are half way done with these. getting closer. 

we also made all our flower arrangements.  im using mostly flowers/things that arent real. they are blue/brown. and are mainly from the christmas time. my boquet and wedding flowers ont he other hand will be real. so arrangements for the register table and church are DONE. 

got my bridal picture printed and framed. now i have to choose 12 other pictures to print smaller but still have to pick my favorites.  

bought all the candles for all my centerpieces. 

we still have to make pew bows for the church and figure out a card box.  

other than that i honestly think i have everything done/bought. including the small nitty gritty....

exciting. because all my weekends are tied up til the wedding. and every other day i work. i have been having to do things early before i go to work. glad to have everything for the most part taken care of!!! 

YAY. How is yalls planning going???
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Re: Checks

  • I spoke with the DJ last night and he recieved our deposit. Sending the FULL payment for the cake today. I also bought an autograph matte frame to use as the guest book. We have a guest book too. I just have to find out what picture I want to put in the frame. My dress should be done by January 7th and I should be able to get the marriage license Jan 10th. I feel like it is pusing it, but I can't get off work any earlier before then to do it. I just started a new job and don't want to be too demanding.
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  • I have my final dress fitting tomorrow, final hair cut and color Monday, I have 20 more programs to finish, I need to pack for the hotel and honeymoon, FI is having is Bachelor party tonight, I need to get a mani/pedi and then I am done!!!!

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  • I feel like I still have so much to do and only a week to do it
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  • Everything is getting close for me. I still want to make a baby album of fi and I. Get my dad fitted tomorrow for tux. Pick up my dress on the 13th. Then a few beauty things like km said. That's it. Oh and find a song for my cousin to sing.
  • gotta finish my bm shoes and pick up their tote bags to paint. Need to finsh a few flower things. Pick up the arch and aisle runner I"m borrowing. Final dress fitting next week---eeccckkkk! finsh our cardbox and paint wineglasses. Then make flower girl tutus and make their shirts. Yikes. I better get going on all this.
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  • Working on my seating chart right now. Well as much as I can since I dont have the RSVPs back yet. Better to have some sort of draft worked out then none at all!
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