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rsvp card wording-for those of you that put: we have reserved___seats in your honor...

How exactly did you word your rsvp cards? If you put that you reserved ___ seats in your honor, did you have a spot where it asked them to fill in how many were attending of that number? Also did you fill in the blank line with their names or let them fill it in? I'm hoping they would know by the names on the invitation and the number of seats reserved, who was invited.

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Re: rsvp card wording-for those of you that put: we have reserved___seats in your honor...

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    I just sent my wording to my designer and I did this:

    We have reserved ___ seats for your party


    ___graciously accepts                  ___ regretfully declines
          ____ number attending

    (I so badly wanted to add "must be equal to or less than the # on the first line" next to the "number attending" but of course, I refrained (although most of my guests would probably find it funny)

    I'm trying to make it as explicit and fool proof as possible. I just have to hope that they will know to put both names on the one line if there are 2 people.  And, I will be numbering them before they go out so that any that come back without names will be able to be identified.
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    We plan on filing in the number of seats and the names. I'm not messing around with it! We don't have any invites that will go to more than two people so it works for us.
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    We did this and no matter how idiot or fool proof you make it, there are ALWAYS going to be those people that call to see if John or Jane is invited.

    At the top of the RSVP card we put "We have reserved ___seats in your honor" Then below we put


    {  } Looking forward to it!
    {  } Have to miss the fun!

    So far only 2 people have left off the second person. It's not really a big deal because we've contacted them. But most people know that you're supposed to write both guests names on the card. If only one person in the party is coming, we've had people write on the RSVP and say that their s/o isn't coming. But there is always going to be one person (or 4 in my case) that call to see where their kid's invite is or if they can bring this person or that person.

    The outside of our envelopes were addressed like this:

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doe

    Then on the inside there was a belly band wrapped around the inserts with their names. So it read "Tom and Fran." We've gotten calls asking if their daughter is invited. Umm, does it say her name anywhere on the invite? Then, NO!
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    I have also had a few not put the second person on the rsvp, but I'll be calling them to find out.  So far no problems with people asking to bring extra, but we've only heard from about 1/3 of the people so I'm sure it will come.  I would also recommend numbering the invites some how, as people have suggested in the past.  I got my first invite the other day that had no names written on it.

    Similar to the others heres what we did:
    M                                                .      

    ___Seats have been reserved in your honor

    {  }        of        will attend the celebration

    {  } We will regretfully miss the celebration
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    I haven't had any problems with the design we chose  My printer typed the number of seats onto the RSVP card so I just had to pick which one to stuff in the envelope when I was assembling.   So far more than half of our RSVP's are back and everyone has filled them out clearly. 

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    We put __ out of __ guests able to attend. And the second blank we filled in with the number of seats we had reserved for them. There's a picture in my bio. HTHs!
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    Since we printed ours ourselves we put Mr. and Mrs.xxxx we have reserved two seats in your honor.

    ____  Accept with pleasure
    ____ Decline with regret (or whatever)

    The people that did not have both people coming just wrote a 1 on the line.  It ended up working out fine.
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