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Confession Thursday!

Spill it ladies!


I confess that I'm so excited I have my dress now!  It felt AMAZING when I tried on MY dress for the first time!  It fits pretty well, but the straps need to be taken in a bit, a hem & I need my bra cups!  = )  First alteration appointment is in two weeks!  = )

I confess that I really need to get to work on our programs.  The content is all decided, but we need to actually start assembling them... I'm just not feeling it right now!  Hoping to get something going on that this weekend.

Re: Confession Thursday!

  • meaganandchadmeaganandchad member
    edited December 2011
    I confess that I can't sleep and can't stop smiling because our wedding is in 29 days! Laughing

    I confess that I really need to put off getting our pomander balls done and just sit down and do them because I still have 16 left to make. I'm hoping to ask my MOH and a BM if they'll come help me next Friday night so hopefully they get done.
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  • edited December 2011
    I confess that I get wayyyyyy too worked up over small things. My wedding isn't even until May and yesterday my Mom was tooling around on the internet and discovered my godchild won't be able to attend the wedding due to a weekend school field trip. (He's 11 and I went on the same trip way back when). I don't know why but hearing that an 11 year old can't attend my wedding in 9 months made me so sad and ask FI if we could change the date. Really, Jenna?
    On the other hand though, things like buying a house and a puppy (we close and get the keys next week!) don't affect me at all.
  • aligrossaligross member
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    edited December 2011
    I confess that I am so happy now that I resigned from my job. I was expecting a little more of them asking questions etc, but I realize now that I was pretty disposable and that urks me like none other. I will also confess regarding this that I am so happy that 2 other co-workers quit with me which means the company will be scrambling (and for some dumb reason I'm a little happy about that)

    I confess that now that I'm unemployed I really don't want to find a new job until the end of August but have found some great oppotunities that I need to apply for.


    One last one (yes I have a lot of confessions today!!)
    I keep doubting things about the wedding day and it's mainly because of the amount of money we're spending on them. I really want a limo, but we'd need 2 with the size of our party and parents/family who would be riding in them... we've found a company in the St Cloud area that offered us everything we need for just $800, but this is just another expense that I don't know if we should spend the money... we already have the money set aside, so that's not my problem I just am doubting expenses that I'll be shelling out that aren't mainly necessary! (Fi & FFIL tell me not to worry about it, and that the money is there...)
  • colstj1colstj1 member
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    edited December 2011
    I confess that I have not been eating nearly as healthy as I should be.  Ordering pizza and having wine with girlfriends every once and a while should be fine, but not as often as we have been doing it.  I will be making a salad for lunch today due to this problem I have. :)
  • Enchanted616Enchanted616 member
    edited December 2011
    I confess that ever since about a week after the wedding, I have total baby fever!  DH wanted to start a family right away, and I always said we would give it five years.. because we are not ready for a baby at all financially.  We are still gonna wait, but I really doubt at this point I'll be able to make it five years!

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