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CJC Photography

Hye Ladies...

Has anyone used or know someone who has used CJC Photography?? I won a photography package from them at the Sonoma Wedding Show in Santa Rosa today and was looking for any feedback! Thanks :)

Re: CJC Photography

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    Sorry :(
    I used Julie Cheshire Photography and she was amazing. 
    Don't know anything about CJC.
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    Creighton of CJC Photography, (http://cjcphoto.com)  photographed my wedding and I am very very happy, the photos are incredible.  He also shot my mothers (second wedding) last year and is doing my sisters next year 2011.    Creighton said it was the subject but I know I take crummy photos normally and if I do say so myself I look awesome on my wedding day!


    Creighton was very professional yet fun to work with, really a nice guy. 


    If you won some kind of package I would be jacked  if I was you!  I paid about $2,700 for the package I got and there was a lot to it, Craghton was the only business I actually tiped as well!



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    wow thanks for the info! ya we won "the petite" package, but I'm going to see if we can upgrade to another package and pay the difference. I met Creighton for a few minutes (but he was very busy at the show), but he seemed like a great guy! My FI is a photographer...so he's super picky about other photographers.  I do like Creighton's work on his site.  Are you on there, Joannrockwell? Thanks =)
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    I did a lot of research before choosing my photographer and we did look at CJC. I liked some of the photos on his website but I didn't like the fact that there are no yelp reviews on this guy. There are a few complaints on him as well and communication seems to be an issue. Just don't jump to fast!
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    Ya i looked on yelp and didn't see any reviews.  I thought that was a bit odd...but oh well.  Do you know what the complaints are (and where I can find them?)

    What I did like about Creighton was that he said he wouldn't mind if someone else shoots with him or does a different part of the wedding (since we were originally using a few photographers that are friends of ours).  The package is only for 3 and a 1/2 hours, so we might have him do the getting ready shots, the ceremony and then the formal ones after the ceremony and use our friends for the reception.
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    How long has it taken to get any word back from him? He was great up till after the wedding now no word from him. Any suggestions?
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