one favor per couple??

so i found a wedding favor that is perfect with our theme...a key bottle opener... but they are a littlle more than I would like to spend. I thought I read somewhere that one favor per couple is acceptable but I am not sure. How would I put them out? Does that look too cheap? Should I just switch to a cheaper favor for everyone or just skip the favor?

Re: one favor per couple??

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    One favor per couple is acceptable.  Can you box the favors and have them at the place settings?  If so, that is what I would probably do.
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    It is perfectly ok. We're doing something similar with coaster sets and are making them double as our escort cards. Each couple/family will get a set; they will pick them up before dinner and the tag attached will direct them to their tables. 
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    It should be fine at a couple weddings i have been to they have some of the bridesmaids pass them out and when they do they give one per couple. I wouldnt worry about it to much, but you should get what you want and not settle for anything else :)
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    I've been to weddings where they did this and it was fine.  They put the favors on the table between where the couple/family was sitting and put the couple/family's last name on it.
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    Thanks ladies! I feel much better:)
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    I was curious about this also for our wedding. We arent doing a place setting... would it be tacky to have a lil sign next to them that said one per couple?
  • shugameganshugamegan member
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    If you don't have place settings, just place them evenly apart on the table.  Dont worry about putting a sign.

    This may sound rude, but unless you have some amazing favor, not everyone may want it.  An example I can give is at my FI's brother's wedding, they had this handmade Italian ceramic flowers as the favor but there was only about 5 per table of  8 people. I personally don't like that kind of stuff so I left it and neither did the guys at the table.
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