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When to bring up disappointment to photographer?

We received our pro pictures and while we are pleased with some of the shots, there are many concerns and I need to know the best time to bring this up to her to make sure we don't have any issues with getting the photographs/albums due from our package.

Bridesmaid dresses are appearing blue, but color was purple (appeared correct color on other friends' cameras)
Blurry/Soft focus images that shouldn't be (parents and I - one parent is out of focus)
Forgot to take a MOB/Bride shot
Groomsmen had to suggest all their photos
Did not take the pictures we had requested
Focused on MOH more than other guests at the wedding (personal friend of the photog), to the point most of the BP is not in reception photos

I'm just disappoint, especiailly for the price paid.  They are a highly rated photographer and their portfolio was great, but I am so bummed at what we got and know we cannot have a "redo".


Re: When to bring up disappointment to photographer?

  • It sounds a little to late now with what poses you do have, that really does stink. But see what your contract says first.. I know with our contract and also our videographer we have like 2 weeks after we get it to view it and see what we like, if we are not completely satisfied we have time to do something. After that 2 weeks they throw everything out. I would explain it to them how you feel, you should be credited something.

  • I would bring up your concerns immediately.  Why wait?
  • Bring it up now.

  • Or do it smartly.

    Tell them about the color of the dresses, for example, which is a totally legit comment. And if you are right, if they are looking blue when they were supposed to be purple, then no worries.

    After you bring one comment, they may look at the pictures one more time and get more work done. Knowing that they are working with a bride that is looking closely at the photos can push them to do a better job. It's a little pressure for them! And a good one.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do for the focus thing, and the missing photos. I am sorry about that :( But forcus on what you can get, and yes, honesty is always better!
  • You should bring it up immediately.  The issue with the color can be easily corrected. 
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