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Custom ring

I was wondering if anyone knew of a reputible jewler in the West Michigan area that dealt with or is willing to deal with making titanium rings

Re: Custom ring

  • Russel and Ballard is where I would have anything custom made.  I'm not sure if they do titanium or not though. 
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  • I have two recommendations:

    Almassian Jewelers on East Paris:  Ask for Trent. 

    Preusser Jewelers downtown GR:  Ask for Kathy.

    Good luck!
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  • There was a company I found on brokeassbride.com that offered laser engraved wedding rings (the laser in graving were you/your significant other's finger prints) it was pretty neat!
  • Jewelers Workshop on Leonard and Walker NW. They are a locally owned business that can basically do anything you want with rings.  They restore, create, special order, etc.
  • I ended up going to Hoffman Jewelers in Gaslight Village on a whim and they said they could make it. :D

    Thanks for all the suggestions. It sure is tough trying to find a jeweler that is willing to make a ring that has a gunmetal finish to it!
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