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Dress Making by Dolly?

Hi ladies,
I'm getting married in June, already have my wedding dress and it needs to be altered. I've read great reviews about dress making by Dolly, and I'm planning on calling her. I was wondering what would be a good time frame to contact her, is right after the holidays too early? My wedding is on June 9th, 2013.
Thanks a lot!
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Re: Dress Making by Dolly?

  • I was married June 15, and started my alterations around the beginning of April.  I certainly didn't feel at all rushed, and she did some amazing things in those couple of months.

    However, early spring is also crunch time for her as it's the beginning of wedding season, so I highly doubt it would hurt to get started early unless you are planning on losing a lot of weight or going through cosmetic changes in the next few months.

    If Dolly feels differently, I guarantee you she will speak up and let you know she thinks you should wait!

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  • I got married in August and had my first alterations appointment in April.  IT won't hurt to call her.  Dolly is great and will tell you what would work best.  
  • Thanks for the advice ladies, I'll give her a call in the beginning of January then!
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  • I also got married on June 15. I didn't start my alterations until mid May! 
  • I had a terrible experience with Dolly. Although the price was right, this was by far my worse choice in a vendor.  Dolly works out of a store that is built right next to her house.  She is approximately 75 years old and very flighty.  I went for many fittings before she addressed my major concern, which was the bunching in the waist area.  The week of my wedding I went for my final fitting and it was still a problem.  She fixed half the dress when I was there and was going to duplicate the other half when I left.  My fitting went until 11pm that night.  I picked the dress up the day before my wedding (and did not try it on, which I do not recommend to anyone).  When I put the dress on the day of my wedding, she did not make the appropriate alterations.  It was still bunching at my waist.  My photographer and my mother came in with safety pins and did the best they could do.  Unfortunately the safety pins ended up digging into me throughout the day to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.  She also did not put the button for my bustle high enough because my dress was dragging all night.  Everyone was stepping on it and eventually the button broke off.  With about 1 hour left in the reception I had to change out of my dress.  I was VERY disappointed. 

    Be careful with Dolly.  If you don't feel comfortable that she will get your dress done with enough time to spare, spend the money and go somewhere else.


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