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October 2012 Weddings

Who is...

officially official? I just got my SS card in the mail and I have my new license so I am now allowed to sign my new name! YAY :)
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Re: Who is...

  • Still don't even have a copy of our marriage license.  CA is so slow!  They estimated 6-8 weeks.....it's finally 6 weeks for us.  I can't wait though!

  • Sort of? My name is changed with SSA, DMV, and both my banks. But I'm still waiting on the state Office of Professions to change it on my social work license so I can start signing my name at work.
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  • I'm still waiting for my marriage certificate. In Ontario, Canada it can take up to 12 weeks. So annoying.
  • I'm official. I got everything done within the 2 weeks after the honeymoon. Florida was really fast on sending the marriage license. My boss is still introducing me as Cathy Maiden Name. Oh and don't forget the DH and I work together in a department of 15 people...
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  • I am! I got my new SS card in the mail the week of Thanksgiving and I got my new license yesterday, so now I can change my name at work and the bank [plus everywhere else, haha]!
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  • I have been for 2 weeks now. We added H as a joint owner on my bank accounts and vice versa before my license was even changed. Now, I need H to come with me to change my name at the bank because he's a joint owner...but we haven't had time to go together! :P
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  • I'm doing it on Christmas Eve day figure it was a good day to take off work and try and get stuff done, should hopefully be fairly quiet too.
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    I've been official since a few weeks after the wedding. The only thing I have to change is the doctors office next time I am there! It's so weird and I'm still getting used to it!

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  • I had to wait til we closed on the house to change my name because the mortage was started in my maiden name.  Now that that is done I can't wait to spend a few hours as SS and DMV to get those changed LOL.
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  • I'm with achi. We also have to wait up til 12 weeks for our certificate. H and I opened up an account at a furniture and its under my married name. But other than that I still have my maiden name on everything until that certificate shows up. I hope to get everything changed by Valentine's Day.
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  • Not legally official yet...but facebook official!  haha.  I have to go pick up my certificate from the county clerk's office but I'm being lazy and I don't want to take time off of work to do it since they are, of course, only open M-F 9am-4pm and I am at work sooo.....  I might request it via mail but then I have to get it notarized so that's annoying.

    lwoehlk - are you calling them to ask when it's ready or do you just keep going there and they tell you it's not ready?  My officiant told me it should be ready within 3 weeks after your wedding date, I just haven't gone yet so I'm not sure.  I'm in CA too.  I don't want to waste my time (and take time off work) going there and it's not ready.  
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  • I changed it at SS and got my new card in the mail yesterday.  It's changed at work, on one credit card and on my phone bill.  I was going to go to the DMV after work on Friday but I had a ridiculous head ache and chose to sleep instead.  I think I am going to go Tuesday after work to finish that up.

    I need to get my bank changed ASAP so there's not a problem with my direct deposit.  I also have to change it with my retirement system and then my passport.  I believe then I will  have all of my major stuff taken care of then :)
  • My first SS card didn't arrive, and I called for them to resend. Now - I'm down to bills! As it comes up, I'm sending in the documentation to change. My SSN, banking, work - all show my new name. I have had crazy conversations at work - my team was all invited, they ke yelling "Who the eff is Kxxxxx?" Lol and my provisioning center in GA (I am in OKC) keep calling me stating "I can't find you - WHAT happened?" I love feeling 'official'
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  • I am not at all. I need to get to the social security office, and it closes at 3 pm. I work night shift, so I'm never up that early!! I won't been able to sig my name at work for awhile because I need to get my license changed over.
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  • I've been official for 4 weeks with SS, a week with the DMV and my bank.  I still have a couple credit cards that I need to change.  I am so happy that our marriage certificate was waiting in the mail when we got back - if not, I probably wouldn't have anything changed yet due to the shitty hours of the SSA.

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    [QUOTE]I'm still waiting for my marriage certificate. In Ontario, Canada it can take up to 12 weeks. So annoying.
    Posted by achiduck[/QUOTE]

    Same here...I'm hoping to be official by March.  I'm going by my married name now and using it at work.  I use it for unimportant/not legal things like loyalty programs at stores and stuff. 
  • I'm official! I have my SS card, license, bank, credit cards, work, etc. I do keep thinking of little things though. My stock account, my doctors office (I go on Friday, so that should be easy), I just thought of one while typing this and it's already slipped my mind!! agh. 
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  • Wow I've been officially official since the first week of NOV! And my wedding was 10/20!

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