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Hey everyone!

So I went to the bridal fair this past weekend and I ended up winning a drawing by Showtime Music for $125 off their DJ services! Awesome!

However, I cannot find ANY reviews of this place. I was wondering if anyone has used them, knows of someone who's used them, has heard anything about them....ANYTHING?! haha.

Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Showtime Music

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    I also won $125 off.  I don't know much about them but I am going to speak with them in a few weeks.  If I learn anything that might be helpful I will let you know!
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    Haha...kind of sounds like most of the other "prizes" that were given out by the vendors at these shows. They give them out to everyone! lol. Oh well. I'm meeting with them tomorrow, so I will post whatever info I get! Thanks! =]
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