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Quick question!!

We are having a small afternoon wedding and are not picky on music.  I was thinking of subscribing to Pandora (pay to avoid commercials) and play a light jazz station prior to the ceremony and during the down time (cocktail hour and dining time).  We would have planned music for our ceremony and our first dance, but the rest would just be background music.  We are going to have some dancing, but knowing we are having a small afternoon wedding we know it won't be a huge mosh pit dance floor by any means, but we want to make sure people still have a good time.  

What do y'all think of using pandora and some planned music?  Any suggestions from anyone who has seen this done?  Our venue has a built-in Ipod sound system complete with microphones so we thought this was a perfect solution.  
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Re: IPod Dj

  • We hired an actual iPod DJ.... here is the link.... it isn't in KC, but maybe you can Google something similar. It was pretty reasonable and made me feel better not worrying about having to make sure songs were played at the right time. 


  • We were thinking of doing the same thing but with Rhapsody so that we could build a wedding playlist for dancing and such instead of the random songs Pandora can play. I am asking one of my cousins who is into music to DJ the wedding for us to keep an eye on songs and to even take requests! Good luck!
  • I've created different playlists on iTunes for my DIY music.  I'm renting speakers and hooking them up to my computer.  I have a friend of the family who will be in charge of making sure the music plays smoothly. 
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